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I appreciated the quick response and information provided. They sincerely care about helping people with their problems navigating the OPM paperwork. I wish I’d known about them before I filed my paperwork. Thanks Patrick.

- Roger Blanc

I spoke with Patrick Stradtman yesterday, and he was Awesome. Much more knowledgeable about retirement than myself. I can retire today, but need to take care of a few things first. But he made everything so much easier. I recommend anyone curious about retirement, to give Federal Employees First Alliance, a chance to help you. Looking forward to Patrick's helping me, when I leave the USPS, Soon!! Thanks So Much!!

- Sherrie McLean Cochran

I’d like to thank your Rep Tyler Flores so much for all of the good information he gave me. I have learned a great deal in our conversations. He was very knowledgeable about FERS retirements, and very patient with my questions. He explained the TSP withdrawals and investments in retirement so well I almost jumped through that retirement door, but I haven’t given it time to sink it. I thought I’d have to work until I was 60, but found out I can make withdraws from TSP if I retire right now at 57 with 30 years. I believe I’ll work at least another year, but who knows… If I choose to go before then, I’ll definitely be giving Tyler a call.

- Barbara Rollins Pettus

This organization provides a service, for free, that can have great value for Federal Employees who are considering retirement in the next few months or years. I worked with one of their representatives, and learned quite a bit about How and when to retire to maximize my benefit and avoid pitfalls associated with the Federal Retirement System. Contact them- let them guide you through the process.

- Jack Armstrong

Attended one of their seminars and left extremely satisfied. It was very informative and I'll be retiring sooner than I thought! If you haven't contacted FEFA about your retirement you are missing out.

- Lisa Norwood

Definitely the go to for retirement questions. Very informative seminar. They give you information on subjects you may not even think about! No matter when you plan to retire, visit FEFA.

- Ann Bradshaw

Well informed and very helpful. I plan on keeping in touch.

- Dianne Haley

Andrew is better looking than Scott � and the information was awesome.

- Robin Williams

Andrew was awesome and so knowledgeable. Takes everything into consideration.

- Lynn Meador

Thank you Mike Milewiski and Benny Cuca. Great presentation explaining our retirement in terms that were easier to understand and take the fear out of the steps for retirement. Thank You for your patience and taking the time to answer my many questions.

- Lori Steckelberg

After reading some reviews decided to give FEFA a try, I had the pleasure of speaking to Mr. John Mantia, he was very helpful and made me feel comfortable speaking with him, thank you so much John Mantia, you really cleared some things up for me, I will recommend them to my co-workers at the Post Office.

- Yolanda Mercado

I went to the Federal Employees First Alliance seminar yesterday .. I met Michael Milewski who was very informative in helping me understand my retirement benefits .. It is all very confusing but I do feel better now .. I would suggest to anyone getting ready to retire if this seminar becomes available in your community go to it .. Thank you also to Sheri Messer for her 30 years knowledge as well ... Great job guys .. Thank you so very much ..

- Donna Booth

Learned a lot that I did not know, was reassured that my retirement looks promising at age 62. Also needed options for rollover savings and that was discussed. Answered all questions and look forward to working with them.

- Marsha L Baltz

I’d like all federal employees to know that this group gave our postal group so much knowledge at our meeting and my personal appointment was beyond helpful! Thank you to Andrea Mertens for getting Mike n Ben to Sioux City... and thank you Ben n Mike for your knowledge and your help. I truly feel I understand my direction forward. And with your help my retirement will be stress free� Thanks again!

- Paula Shinkunas Cornelia

I would like to thank Andrew Stringer for the wonderful service he gave me on the phone! He gave me a lot of helpful information that I did not know regarding federal retirement benefits. He was easy to talk with and very personable. I would advise anyone within a year of two of retirement to talk with him or attend on of their seminars!

- Sheila Sullivan

Great information given at the meeting and a great no pressure one on one meeting afterwards! Some of the best financial news we have been given. Would highly recommend any federal employee contacting Mike or Ben to get a jumpstart on retirement planning. I’m going earlier than I thought!! Can’t beat that. They will walk you through your financial health bit by bit. Give them a call!!!

- Andrea Mertens

As I near the age & length of service requirements, I researched for weeks as to my best options for retirement from the Postal Service. Then I met these guys at their seminar in Tampa. Everything that I had learned from the OPM, FERS, TSP, LiteBlue and e-retire websites was presented in a 2 1/2 hour seminar in a straightforward layman's terms manner without all the extraneous verbiage! Armed and dangerous with all this information and yet, I had still had doubts. Will my pension support my retirement lifestyle? Should I work longer to maximize my social security benefit? Could I retire sooner and utilize my TSP savings to supplement my pension? How best to allocate my TSP? With all these doubts, I requested a one-on-one and met James M. Tuccori. Our discussion was very comfortable, friendly, informative and thorough. James explained every dollar that I could expect in income (my pension & social security) and questioned me as to every dollar that I would expect to payout on a monthly basis while in retirement. He even added outlay that I hadn't considered and still had me "in the black" every month. A huge aspect of resolving my apprehension of retirement was how James showed me the most fitting way for me to utilize my TSP dollars for a relatively consistent gain, no loss of principal and access to my monies without fees, without the roller coaster ride of the market and without the concern of proper allocation of funds. Thanks to FEFA and James, I will be retiring sooner and on a much better financial footing that I had anticipated. I highly recommend FEFA to any federal folks planning for retirement!

- Jeff Hollister

Benny Cuba has been so helpful to me. He explains in detail how to help with your retirement and it's goals. He has helped me understand things I didn't know and answered all my questions and even repeated them because I might not have gotten it at first. Very patient and told me if I or my husband needed to as m anything more just call. Benny has helped me decide if I should stay until I am 62.. Thank You Benny

- Linda Linville

We attended the seminar and had our one on one with Sherri Messer. I have all good things to say about the total experience with this company thus far. After many months of stressing out trying to figure out how, when and where to jump through the postal retirement hoops I will not hesitate to say that we believe that FEFA and Sherri are truly a God Send. For the first time in our lives we are confident about retirement and look forward to it with a special peace. These are the things that really mean a lot to our family. Thank you, Sherri Messer and FEFA!!

- Donna Faye

Thank you for a great seminar today in Tampa,FL !!! Enrique (Rick) and I thoroughly enjoyed it!!

- Lisa Spinnichia

I am so grateful that I found these guys! Benny Cuca is intelligent, thoughtful and incredibly patient. He answered all of my questions and gave me information that I did not even know I needed. I will definitely be recommending you to all of my coworkers!

- Betsy Smith

Wayne Brown you are AWESOME. He walked me through everything step by step. Help me to understand when my retirement date is and what I'll need when that day comes. Even though it is less than 3 years away he helped me understand my social security supplement and monthly annuity from the post office. Its never too early to plan and this definitely gave me a since of relief and to know that I am on the right tract. Thank you again Wayne

- Connie Donavan-Yost

These are the best retirement guru's you can find. Easy to talk to and feel like a friend the first time you meet. It amazes me that they are so young, yet know so much. It is a shame that I was able to get more and better information about my USPS retirement from them than I was from our HR. I trust them with the rest of my financial life. And Andrew will always be my own personal financial guru, so don't think you can get to big for me. Even though I love the guys you work with and trust them also. Next step is my Financial Guru title.

- Diana Whitehead Canoy

We highly recommend this excellent service. Thank you especially to Michael Milewski for taking the time to patiently go over our retirement options and help us discover a number of money saving tips along the way as well. We look forward to continuing to work with you. Thank you for helping us sort it all out! We appreciate your gracious spirit as well as your obvious expertise.

- Gail Baldwin Brown

Had a talk with James about when and why to retire and he explained it to me in a very understandable way.

- Jeffrey D Murray

I had a great consult with Patrick Stradtman, from FEFA, this afternoon. I am 3 years away from 56 years of age and have worked at USPS for 32+ years. His knowledge of the retirement system was very reassuring and he explained each part of the retirement puzzle in a way that is easy to understand. I had a pretty good grasp of the retirement formula before our talk but by going over each part with Patrick I now can see that there are some decisions to make at the time of retirement that will be much more beneficial for me and my spouse. We spent about 50 min on the phone and when we were through I was sent, by email, a summary of my figures and notes about our session. There is no sales pitch and the whole conversation was just a back and forth of questions and answers with someone who knows every detail of the federal retirement system. I cannot stress enough how satisfied I am with how this went. I will be back in touch with Patrick and FEFA a few months before my eligible retirement date in 2020. With the facts and figures that I learned today I now can plot out my plan for retiring without the regret of " if I had only known!" Thanks again, Patrick and FEFA.

- Steve Asaro

These guys found a need and filled it. They are doing what the post office won’t do. Give you the best options for your retirement. Went for a 2 hour meeting on a Sunday morning and learned a few things that made it so worth the time. The end of the month trick. Insurance options. No pressure, no sales talk. Saved money immediately. Do not count on your phone call with OPM to get your retirement options. They will explain your options on health and life insurance and sooo much more. Am looking forward to the one on one. And a beer. Or 3.

- Brian Romanelli

I must say that I was a "Doubting Thomas" when I saw a pop-up on my Facebook page about Federal Employee First Alliance. Something told me to fill out the info request form and I must say a few phone conversations later i AM NOT sorry that I did! The information that I have gathered that the USPS is not getting out to employees is invaluable! Thank you-- Caleb Wood-Daggett

- Larry Sam Lankford

I JUST hung up from the first call (2.5 hours!!!) with Benny Cuca. There will be many more! Benny's answers to the many questions I had were thorough and clearly understood. He has a vast amount of knowledge and when I asked a rather difficult question, he clarified it to be sure that he had it correctly before he answered. I am so happy that I FINALLY touched base with him. I will be recommending Benny and FEFA to as many of my coworkers as I can starting tomorrow!!!

- Mary La Pointe

Had a phone consultation with Benny today... 5 stars are inadequate to explain the experience. This young man put my retirement plans in rich expectations and his advice encouraged me and my wife to make a decision to come out much earlier than planned. This young man is exceptional.

- Terence Gaston

I want to thank Benny Cuca for taking the time to go over all my retirement options. From my bills, tsp, supplement payments, pension and social security payments. Benny was very knowledgeable. He break everything down to where I could understand it. He said if I don't retire next year I'll will be making $5 a hour if I stay at the post office. $5 that's crazy. I believe I was in high school and working when I made $5 a hour. Thanks Benny you lighten my heavy load.

- Denise Mathis

Andrew and his staff do a great job informing employees of their options.

- Mark Olson

I had a converstion with Caleb. I feel much better about all this now. I had a lot of questions. He was on top of it all! Easy going, well informed. I can't wait to set up something for our agency or our local bargaining unit this fall. Knowledge is POWER!! I feel empowered after speaking with him!!

- Shantelle Purplegirl

I would like to thank Mr.Michael Milewski for helping me understand how my retirement goes I thought I had to work 7 more years at the post office but I can retire in 6 he also help me understand a lot of stuff that was on my check tub that. I did know I will recommend him to all of my friends co-workers and my sorority sister he can come to your house or meet u where ever u like as well as talk to you on the phone. He also can send you all your retirement information to your email thank u so much for helping me understand .

- Yolanda Yogi Moran

I truly like what they are doing. I will share their posts every time.

- Cheena Wanamaker

Had a long phone conversation with James. Got information on a lot of stuff and he was very detailed. It was overwhelming getting all this information and a lot I didn't know! I'm glad I contact them cuz there was so much confusion and getting wrong information. I feel now I can get straight answers. Thanks James!

- Shari Barthel-Mitchell

Just finished my first talk with Richard,with his help retirement will be way easier then going to work. So glad I found FEFA

- Tom McDonald

Richard took his time with me and my husband. No rush at all, answered all of my questions. Walked me through everything from FEGLI, TSP and retirement process. Even had suggestions for a better alternative for saving money, and better prepare for retirement. Richard Corral is awesome and knows his stuff. If you are a postal employee, please contact this group. They are doing great things for those of us who are struggling to get answers about retirement. I wish I had known about them 20 years ago. Even if you are a new employee, talk to this group. They definitely have our back. Thanks, Richard.

- Patricia Grindheim Martin

Many thanks to Patrick for steering me away from a huge mistake & saving me from a disastrous decision based on a recommendation from a parasitic investment advisor who claimed to have my best interests in mind. (Whew! That was a close one!) Thanks Patrick!!

- Mary Wilson

I really enjoyed our conversation. It was very informative and feel like you were concerned about my carreer and future retirement. Thank you so much.

- Bill Schrammen

Thank you, FEFA! I learned so much at today's Under Age 50 Retirement Session about the Federal benefits and retirement system. It is never too early to get a glimpse at retirement and understand how actions today will affect your future finances. For a one on one session, I met with Richard. He was so patient, thorough, and lovely to chat with! I'd highly recommend FEFA to anyone who wants Federal and TSP specific guidance regarding retirement! We look forward to their continued partnership with our local union!

- Julie Ross

James was thorough and very helpful. Gave us great info and look forward to working with him in the future

- Kim Bezak

OMG! This is just what I needed someone such as James who would sit down with me one on one and break it down what to expect when I retire. I feel this program is great because there is is so many employees such as myself that just don't understand the ins and outs so to speak of retirement so I really appreciate the awesome seminar and the one on one meeting that I had with James because it really helped me to better understand what to expect and what I need to do to retire. I was planning to retire next year but after talking with James I'm almost sure I want to go by the end of this year. Thank you all soooo much! I'm really excited about spreading the word.

- Vanessa Johnson

James and Scott worked with us and the experience was fantastic. Totally recommend them

- Pat Wolfram

Talked with James about what I can do now to prepare for retirement. He was patient and taught me a lot! Wow lots to learn. Thank You BRANDEE MORRIS!��Thank You James!

- Sandy Smith

Just got some baseline info from James. Learned some surprising facts! and passed them along to coworkers with recommendations to contact you. We'll be talking in the next few years. Thanks

- Gina Tidmore Bordelon

Initial contact with Richard was very comfortable and informative.

- Sue Lefeber

First, I wish I'd known them BEFORE I retired 4 years ago. My initial consultation with James wasn't what I expected - it was thorough and he was very knowledgeable regarding the federal retirement system. It wasn't rushed, great questions to get a feel for my situation and the goals I wanted to accomplish. I felt he listened to my concerns and explained several options that I feel extremely comfortable with exploring. Have some immediate things to do that will put a little under $100 back into my pocket - that's what I'm talking about - LOL. Looking forward to working with him. I appreciate having this valuable resource and will definitely share this organization with my friends - many of which are already retired. Even though I managed to get through the process of retirement, there is always something to learn and when granted the opportunity to make wise decisions and protect hard-earn investments you don't squander them. Thank you again.

- Deborah Bridgewater

Rick Viader it was a pleasure for Danny and I , talking to you today about options about Danny's retirement , your were very professional and patient and kind , didn't make us feel rushed, like I told you I really think what you are doing is your calling. We thank you for your kindness , and we have all the confidence we will hear back from you , so many times I can't say that when I talk to people , where they don't carry through, I didn't feel that with you . Please know your impact with you being so professional made a world of difference, you make things a whole lot simpler that what we've heard about other people's experiences with retirement. we thank you . From the Connard's

- Kathy King Connard

I attended a seminar hosted at the Mail Handler Local 303 Union Hall. They went through all the benefits that effect your retirement, giving pro and con scenarios for different ages, spouses, children, etc. They gave heads up regarding TSP, SS, health benefits and insurance. So much good information. Well I thought I would retire in 2-3 years but now after receiving all the info, I can afford to retire next year. I've had follow up with Caleb who is very knowledgeable and great at explaining and I am empowered and excited.

- Phyllis Easter

Great useful information... Highly recommended.

- Noi Cook

I got assigned to Andrew . We had our first talk today, I am so excited . Thanks for having this group ! I learned so much and feel more secure now.

- Cindy Renfroe

they knew the answers others got wrong. every federal employee should check them out

- Scott Bitterman

Great information and insight provided on all issues impacting the federal workforce!

- David Howard

I was clueless and planning on working three years longer than I had to before my conversation with Richard. Now I have a date set, and sound advisor. Guess it's time to make a countdown calender.

- Michael Haanen

They help make complicated stuff easier to understand, very helpful!

- Robert Kent Jones

If you're a federal worker thinking about retirement, you need to talk to these people.

- Marie Nadeau

Extremely knowledgeable, efficient and retirement planning personalized to your situation. Doesn't get better than this!!

- Mary Mackenzie

I had my first conversation with Danny, he gave me alot information that I was totally unaware of as far comparing retirement salary verse keep working salary. I will be retiring soon�Very helpful, every federal employee should contact FEFA!

- Richard Buddy Kelley

They offered so much information about programs available to improve our investments in the different accounts to get the most of our investments and better retribution in all the money we save for our retirement.. they are very friendly to ask any possible question and they work hard to find the best options for you..I am glad of having them as my financial advisors and I fully trust in their knowledge and advise!

- Giselle Htg

Talked to Richard not expecting to seriously consider retiring so soon but after he crunched the numbers for me he has me considering much sooner than I expected. Great job. Thank You

- Michael Freeman

James was incredible. His knowledge of all areas of the federal retirement system was more than I could have expected. I learned so much from him and I appreciate everything he had to say. Definitely looking forward to retirement and a relationship with FEFA when that day comes, Thank you James!!!

- Mike Smith Sr.

Me parece muy oportuno q existan organizaciones asi, me equivoque la 1ra vez al evaluarlos, por eso, rectifico mi opinion y les doy 5 estrellas

- Odalys Ceballos

Great information, keeping us informed regularly of changes and answering our questions.

- Lorraine Wasso

As the Treasurer of Local 307 of the NPMHU, I was asked by the Local President to talk to Andrew Stringer about FEFA and the service they could provide to our Local membership. I asked Andrew one question about my own personal situation and within days he was helping me plan for a retirement date much sooner than I had thought possible.

- Ellen Carpenter

Andrew was so helpful in explaining my options. No pressure whatsoever. And Lucas was amazing in helping me fill out my retirement paperwork. I'm retiring on April 30th, and could not be more excited! This is a wonderful group of people !!

- Amy Bowen Kemper

James spent a whole lot of time easing my retirement fears. These guys know their stuff!

- Jackie Sanchez

James was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you, I am one step closer to retirement!!

- Patty Tanton

Think i am obligated to say 5 stars although the owner can be a piece of work lol

- Andrew Stringer

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